Man captures alligator in a trash bin

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A Florida man used what he had on hand to get rid of a nuisance alligator that wandered into his yard. The man, identified as Eugene Bozzi, grabbed a trash bin and wrangled the six-foot gator inside.

As reported by NBC News, Bozzi was a bit surprised with the strength of the alligator. He said:

“I was frightened when I had it in it because it was so powerful, and I didn’t expect that. And it was pushing itself out, whipping its tail around.”

But Bozzi successfully captured the reptile and got the lid closed so he could move it away from he and his neighbors’ yards. He was able to wheel the trash bin down to a retention pond so the gator could move along to more “alligator-friendly” areas.

Video of the alligator ordeal went viral, even capturing the attention of the wildlife officials in Orange County, who Tweeted:

 “Reminder: Alligators are not recyclable in your blue lid cart.”

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