Good Samaritan reaches out for help after finding helpless stray puppy starving in front of local supermarket

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When a Good Samaritan arrived at a local supermarket in a rural Texas town on Thursday, she couldn’t have been more distraught when she spotted an almost bald, starving stray puppy covered in mange. Sadly, soft hearts don’t pay veterinarian bills, and since the kind person could not afford to care for a sick puppy, she posted out to social media for help.

“I know it’s late but I’m desperately reaching out. I found this poor sweet angel while I was getting water, and I’m posting him in the hopes that I can find a rescue for him, or anyone that can help. I wish more than anything that I could take him in but I’m drowning in vet bills and I know I can’t afford the care he needs.”

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The finder is willing to take the puppy anywhere that he will be able to get hope. She described him as sweet and able to be touched.

“…He was starving and I will be taking him more food tomorrow. Please let me know if anybody can help; he deserves a second chance at life.”

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Facebook

Fortunately, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has stepped up to help the puppy now named Remi; the pup has been rushed for medical care.



Updates to follow.

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