Man abandoned cat in carrier – she sat for over 12 hrs alone

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An animal shelter in Johnson County, Indiana, is hoping that a member of the public will recognize the man who abandoned a crated cat outside of their facility in the middle of the night. On Thursday morning, the Johnson County Animal Shelter posted photos of the man, and the abandoned cat, writing:


We are looking for the man in these pictures. He dumped this cat outside of our building at 12:03 A.M on Wednesday September 29th.

According to the shelter, the cat, dubbed Willow, sat “alone and scared” in her crate for over 12 hours before someone noticed her. The shelter provided more details:

Yesterday the temperature was 86 degrees when staff saw Willow outside! She was sitting in direct sunlight, with no food or water and no way to cool herself off! Due to being closed on Wednesdays, Willow is extremely lucky that staff was able to save her!!

Now shelter staff is hoping to find Willow’s owner. Anyone who recognizes her, or the man in the photo, is asked to contact them at [email protected] or call us at 317-738-6094.

The shelter reminds everyone that it is NOT OKAY to abandoned ANY pet outside of the shelter!

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  1. Poor cat, I hope it’s okay and finds a decent HUMAN as a pet parent instead of a DEMON SPAWNED ass wipe. What you sow, so shall you reap. Perhaps HIS family will dump HIM at a nursing home during the night and leave him there HIDDEN for hours. What a sad, pathetic loser.


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