Juvenile confesses to purposely setting Mississippi dog ‘Buddy’ on fire

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On Wednesday afternoon, the Tate County Sheriff’s Office announced they have obtained a statement from a juvenile confessing to purposely setting the friendly dog “Buddy” on fire late last week.

“As many of you are aware, last Thursday we received a report of a dog that was severely burned on Peavine Road. This morning our investigators obtained a confession from a juvenile who admitted to purposely injuring the dog. Due to the age of the juvenile we are not able to file criminal charges in this case. While this terrible act is a felony crime punishable by up to 3 years in prison, under Mississippi law no person under the age of 12 can be charged with a crime.
Sheriff Brad Lance”
The sheriff did not give the age of the child.

On Thursday, the friendly dog returned to his home with an extension cord around his neck; his face blackened and his fur burned and charred. Four days later, the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person exceeded $10,000.

Buddy is currently in the  care of veterinarians at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After much consideration, Tunica Humane Society felt this was the absolute best place for him to be while he recovers from his horrific injuries.


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Buddy’s initial blood work after arrival looked very promising.  He has undergone surgery for  the removal of the charred and damaged skin from his face. This will help lower the chances of infection. The doctor also mentioned using skin grafts from fish. It is the latest technology and works well on severe burn victims.

More than likely Buddy will never have  fur grow back on his face where he suffered the severe burns, but that’s so minor compared to finding out if he will be able to keep his eyes and regain his vision.

He is expected to remain at Mississippi State for at least a month.
Buddy remains in good spirits – has a kiss and tail wag for everyone he meets. He’s a great dog.

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  1. poor animal this mean kid should be ashamed and Prosecute all that We can. parents have to forbid pets and worry that he doesn’t start with human beings.

  2. That demon spawn of Satan who did this has no idea what’s in store for him. Demons are here walking among us doing this.

  3. What a TERRIBLE CHILD. I’m sure the neighbors know which kid this is that did this. Not a good house for others to visit that’s for sure, this kid CANT BE TRUSTED.

  4. Beyond disgusting!!! This kid is headed down the path to “serial killer”……. This useless monster needs serious counseling and/or to be locked up forever. That a young kid could be so cruel shows that they are already a sociopath…….

  5. And when this kid grows up he will be a serial killer no doubt! I don’t imagine there is any amount of “counseling” that will ever cure what ails this kid. I don’t care what the age, there needs to be some sort of punishment!


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