Update on Buddy: Reward increased as dog set on fire gets best medical care

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In Tunica County, Mississippi, a friendly country dog named Buddy lived a carefree and happy life. He loved everyone he met, his tail wagged in delight at each new adventure and according to neighbors, Buddy was the sweetest dog – never a threat to anyone.


And then, sometime on Friday, the most unimaginable cruelty occurred. Someone set Buddy on fire; the severely injured dog returned to his home with an extension cord around his neck; his face blackened and his fur burned and charred.

The Tunica Humane Society stepped up to help and rushed him to their veterinary partner hospital for immediate life-saving treatment and pain management. Buddy’s prognosis is better than originally thought, and on Sunday morning Buddy was eating, drinking and wagging his tail. Of course, he remains on heavy pain medication to help him stay comfortable.

“The burnt skin on Buddy’s face began to crack and come apart today. Dr. Godfrey was better able to see his eye lids. We still don’t know if he will be able to see at this point. Lisa was encouraged that some of the burns on his face weren’t as deep as we feared in the beginning so we are very, very excited about that.”

Buddy will be transferred on Monday to Dr. Cory Fisher at Bluff City Vet Specialists. Temporary bandages have been applied to protect the raw skin and prevent infection.

You can view Buddy’s video as he is receiving care: (WARNING: video is graphic and may be difficult to watch)

Generous donations from people all across the country have made it possible for Buddy to receive the finest medical specialty care. He has a long road ahead of him, and it is hoped he will heal and have a long and happy life.

The reward has now been increased to $2,500. Please help find Justice for Buddy. Whoever set this dog on fire is still out there. Anyone with information is asked to call the Tate County Sheriff’s Department at 662.562.4434.

For information on adopting or fostering, call 662-363-1625 or 662-519-1700 or email [email protected].

For other information, email [email protected].

Monetary donations can be sent to:
Tunica Humane Society
P.O. Box 236
Tunica, Ms 38676

Shelter Address:
Tunica Humane Society
4500 Fox Island Rd
Tunica, MS 38676

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Such a sweet parrot!

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  1. There are some truly good people in this HATE filled state, and I thank God for that. Thank you to the vets working to save Buddy, this must be incredibly difficult as seems YOU do have a heart and truly CARE. God bless the rescuers, vets, transport teams, and ALL those citizens who report these egregious acts and do TRY to get this state to pass better laws and work to support the victims that come in to their care. I pray God provides you with ALL the resources and help from those with the power to make changes for the better for God’s creatures.


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