Heartbreaking moment a rescued pup struggled to step inside foster mom’s house

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Most of Boomer’s two-years of life had been spent outdoors as a stray in the Houston, Texas area. When found, he had a broken leg and a bullet from a pellet gun lodged in his ribs. He was just one of four stray dogs that had been living outside of a bank and used as “target practice” by cruel people in the area.

His foster mom, Samantha Zimmer, welcomed Boomer into her home on Valentine’s Day, but the dog had never stepped a paw into anyone’s house, and when Samantha videoed his hesitancy and the absolute heart wrenching moments as Boomer decided whether to make the plunge of just that one step inside, the adorable mixed-breed terrier became a TikTok  as well as a Facebook sensation.

Check out the video: (copy and paste the url into your browser to view)


Samantha and her boyfriend had spent weeks carrying Boomer into their home, but it became time for the pup to gain his self-confidence. And as Samantha dressed for work, Boomer had been sitting outside the front door until Samantha helped him muster up his courage. (Check out that front paw action!)

TikTok has given Boomer and other stray dogs a face and a voice. Sadly, Houston has a huge problem with stray dogs; we are all thankful for the help these invisible dogs have been given.

Please visit your nearest shelter or rescue organization and volunteer, foster, adopt or donate. Be the voices for those who cannot speak.

Check this video of Boomer out:


Boomer will be heading to  new foster care in Wisconsin where he will be getting ready to be adopted in a few months.

(Photos: Samantha Zimmer/SWNs.com and Facebook)

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Such a clever parrot!


Thank you for saving my life.


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