Elderly Labrador retriever gets pulled along in a dog bed on a wheeled cart by two other family dogs video goes viral

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A viral video of an elderly Labrador retriever not able to walk being pulled in a soft doggy bed perched on top of a wheeled cart by the family’s two other Labradors just proves how precious the lives of our dogs should be.

In the Tik Tok video from the account MyLabrachildren, we meet the chocolate brown pooch named Remy being pulled in her fluffy bed by the brown and yellow Labs – leashes attached, as if they are taking their family pet member for a walk.

“They said I should put my dog to sleep. I’m pulling the cart. I said no. I will do whatever it takes to keep her happy.”


Remy is thoroughly enjoying her outdoor experience. We can see and hear her barking while the other two dogs wag their tails and truly act as if they are enjoying all being together.

The sad part of the video? A following overlaying text stated:

“Remy. 20 August 2005 -20 August 2018.”


The video does give us all hope. Many of us with senior dogs and many of us who have had to say goodbye to our beloved pets only want them to have every hour of life possible with us. It’s just so hard to see them pass away.

“Never give up on your dog. There are things we can do to help them on their journey #mylabrachildren #chocolatelabrador #yellowlabrador #labrador


Check the video here.

The video was posted on October 15, and has garnered more than two million views with 253,000 “likes.” Most of the comments can bring us to tears with stories about senior dogs and how their lives have meant so much to us.

Source: Newsweek

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