Frightened pup surrendered after delivering one deceased baby – now she is free from life on a chain

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A frightened pup, 11 months of age, was surrendered to the Pennsylvania SPCA the day after she delivered a stillborn puppy. The shelter shared Lady’s story with Facebook followers on Friday, writing:

Just last Saturday, a beautiful brindle pittie named Lady walked into the Pennsylvania SPCA in search of a second chance.
It was well after closing time, but our staff was still working away at our Philadelphia headquarters when her owner showed up at the front door. Lady was there beside them. She was trembling.

Lady had delivered her single pup the day before – and that puppy died. After the young dog delivered her pup, her owner decided to get rid of her. The animal welfare agency said:

Our medical team swooped in and carried Lady to our hospital (she was too scared to walk). Her tail was tucked the entire way, her whale eyes were on full display, but once the heavy chain around her neck was removed, it seemed that a weight of another kind had been lifted too.

Second chances

Lady is starting her new life – and it will look nothing like the life she had with her former owner. The shelter writes:

Lady rested her head in the hands of our staff, and that was the beginning of her new life.Today, just days later, Lady has taken up residence in our hospital where she is being doted on. She is still terrified, but we’re here to show her that the world isn’t so scary. And, that there are people who love her. We are here to show her that second chances exist.

Donations for Lady’s care can be made to the shelter at this link.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Huge thanks to the PA SPCA for helping this poor TORTURED dog. The VILE THUG who delivered her in a very distressed state ABUSED HER. NO dog acts this way from just being taken to the shelter, too many arrive the same way and ARE NOT THIS TERRIFIED. Yes, some do get distressed from the noise and unfamiliarity of the shelter, but from their description she was extremely scared as HE handled her and STILL IS. I pray God’s Hand of Justice finds this bastard/bitch with the SAME treatment, but 100 fold worse, per biblical LAW. MEN (esp white men) are the BIGGEST ENEMY of OUR ONCE beautiful world. Continue to allow THEM to USE and ABUSE everyone else and it WILL BE apocalyptic for YOUR children, damn idiots!


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