Dog rescued tiny kitten trapped in family’s garden hose

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In Lawrenceville, Georgia, a kitten found herself in a precarious situation when she became trapped inside of a coiled garden hose in the family’s backyard.

According to Fox11News, the family dog, Rex, had been barking at the hose all day. In a video posted by the dog’s owner, Josue Flores Quintanilla, he went over to the hose to figure out why Rex was so excited. When he unraveled the hose, he was shocked to find a small gray kitten trapped inside the coil.

Thanks to Rex, the kitten is fine. Josue took the little one into his home and gave her milk. Even Josue’s other cat didn’t seem to mind the kitten either.

(Photo screenshot Josue Flores Quintanilla)

Check out the video – very adorable!


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Adorable baby beaver


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