Bulldog served his family for 13 years and this is how they surrendered him to Texas shelter

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Rocko arrived at a Texas shelter in a laundry basket on Friday. For nearly his entire 13-years of life, Rocko loyally served his family with love and trust, but because of his age and the need for veterinary care, his family decided it was easier to throw him away. Below is a photo of Rocko’s intake at the shelter.

Ultimately, Rocko’s family has not been kind to him. He can barely see because his eyes are so infected the pus oozing, maggots are eating away at his genitals, bruises and hot spots are so very painful all over his frail body, and he cannot stand after just having  had a seizure.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were notified to help and immediately stepped forward.

“We will try our best to give Rocko any chance at survival by receiving expert medical care that he deserves,” the organization posted on their social media page. “We don’t know if we are too late, but of course we will try everything.”

It’s heartbreaking to even think the people who owned Rocko could have been so heartless and callous as to ignore this dog’s urgent need for help. Instead, they watched him suffer.

Check out his video when he arrived at the shelter.

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Rocko is now getting the dignity and respect he deserves no matter the outcome – from here on in, Rocko is loved and is special to so many people who are involved in his rescue.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Based on all that I SEE coming out of this hell hole called Texas and Abbott’s own vile behavior, I bet these NAZI THUGS make your governor very proud, huh?


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