Dog lost after crash in Florida Everglades’ alligator infested area found safe 9 days later

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In Belle Glade, a newly adopted dog on his way to his new family was lost after the van he had been traveling in crashed in the Everglades – an area known for its thick population of alligators.

According to his new owner, Ashley Kim, who had recently been a visitor in Palm Beach County and was returning to New Jersey found the dog, Theo abandoned in Miami. When Ashley stopped her car, the dog jumped right in. As Ashley stated, “He Chose us…”

The next morning they brought Theo to the shelter and waited around until his stray hold expired. It seems Theo’s last owner had allowed their young child to stab the dog in the eye with a stick and when they didn’t want to care for the dog, dumped him in an area where abandoned dogs roamed.

“We rescued a stray while we were on a trip in Florida, and paid a transport company to bring him up here for us since we had to be home for the required quarantine period before going back to work. The night of the 20th, an hour and a half away from the shelter, the transport van was in a “single vehicle accident” where it flipped off the road and onto its side. This happened on Highway 27, at mile marker 52. Our poor dog was let out of the van, with a healing eye wound, fresh neuter incision, and no cone. The place he was lost has nothing but marshes and swamps (yes, with alligators) all around.”

Along with more than 2,500 people who shared the dog’s plight, social media went bright looking for Theo. Everyday volunteers searched the area hoping to find the dog. And on April 29, nine days after he went missing, Theo was found – and he was SAFE!

Welcome home Theo. Enjoy your new life with the people who truly love you.

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