Billings animal control investigating animal abuse seen on video at dog daycare facility

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In Billings, Montana, an employee of the Big Sky Pet Resort has been fired after after videos emerged showing dogs being abused. The Billings Police Department’s Animal Control Division is currently investigating.

The videos show the employee mistreating dogs in three different clips. In one, the person appeared to hit a dog repeatedly with his hand. In another, a dog is dragged by its collar, and in the third video, it appears a dog had been kicked while being led into a gated area.

Videos can be seen here: (WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT)

The first video shows a man on  the far side of the floor bending over around other dogs. He could be seen setting down a spray bottle of water and hitting a dog repeatedly before pushing it.

In the second video, the same person can be seen dragging a dog by its collar.

The last video shows the same person again pulling his foot back and kicking a dog in the head. The dog can be heard crying out.

The videos were posted and shared on Facebook on Wednesday by Isabel Quintana, who stated she made the videos while working at Big Sky Pet Resort. She said she quit on Tuesday after working there for three months.

“These dogs do not have a voice of there (sic) own and they can’t defend themselves so I will be there (sic) voice for them and get the justice they deserve. So I am putting this out there for people who love their pets like they are our children to us. I know if I put my dog somewhere and trusted someone with my dog, and this was happening I would want someone to stick up for her and let me know what was happening to her. We send our pets here trusting that they will be ok and taken care of. We shouldn’t have to fear that they are getting hurt while the owners are away.”

Quintana said these were not isolated incidents of animal cruelty, and this kind of treatment towards the dogs has been going on for months. She said she took the videos because she was frustrated that the employee abusing the dogs ignored her and nothing was ever done when she contacted management. She did contact the police, but didn’t intervene while there out of concern for her own safety.

Big Sky Pet Resort owner, Marc Underwood said he is cooperating with investigators and has been contacting clients assuring them their dogs are safe, and this kind of treatment to dogs will never happen again. The fired employee is a relative of Underwood.

According to KulrNews, Underwood has denied there is regular mistreatment of animals at his business.

“Our goal right now is to make sure it never happens again and hopefully over time people will be able to see their way back to us,” Underwood stated. “And it’s going to be a process, it’s not going to be something that happens overnight.”

The owners of the dogs seen in the videos being mistreated have since been notified and were shocked at the treatment their dogs received. The dogs are doing fine – just receiving some extra cuddles and love from their families.

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