16-year-old kitty having a Merry Christmas this year

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Meet 16-year-old Pig, a cat who entered the Niagara SPCA shelter on Monday to be euthanized because of persistent diarrhea. The request to end Pig’s life was denied, because the senior cat had never been examined by a veterinarian for this condition. When she arrived, she was severely matted and caked with feces; the odor emanating from her was described as “gag worthy.”

And so Pig’s physical evaluation began. First she needed to be sedated, shaved and then the testing followed. The diagnosis – Pig had tapeworms which are easily treated.

“This sweet yet sassy girl’s life was saved and she’ll go on to spend her golden years with a new family who will no doubt adore her.”

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Merry Christmas Pig.

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