Devastating update for surviving three-month-old puppy found in trash bin

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A shocked member of the public found two ten-week-old puppies in her trash can late last week in Aberthin, United Kingdom. Hope Rescue was notified and stepped forward to help. The tiny hound mixes, were named Sprout and Parsnip; they were covered in fleas, suffered severe skin infections, were very underweight and barely able to stand. They were rushed to the organization’s veterinarians for emergency treatment, and it was hoped they would be able to recover.

Tragically, a few days later, Parsnip went downhill. He began to act very lethargic, his gums appeared pale; he was rushed back to the emergency veterinarian hospital where it was confirmed he had tested positive for parvovirus. Because parvovirus is so contagious, Sprout was also brought in to be tested and treatment initiated.

On Sunday, Parsnip died, but it was hoped Sprout had a chance despite the terrible odds. And tragically, this morning, following a night of extreme distress, the rescue organization made the difficult decision, after his pain was uncontrollable despite pain relief, that it wasn’t the right decision to continue with treatment.

Thank you so much for your kindness and support. We weren’t sure whether to update with such sad news before Xmas or not, but we’ve received so many messages asking for an update. Please be assured that we will continue our fight against backyard breeders and puppy farmers in 2022, and we will make sure Parsnip and Sprout’s tragic story is heard.

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Rest in peace Sprout and Parsnip. We are so sorry that you never had a chance to enjoy life.

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