Senior dog ‘Mia’ rescued after viral video showed her being beaten

A viral video of a dog being beaten and dragged in Brevard County, Florida quickly captured the attention of animal advocates on Saturday, who immediately went to work to rescue the abused eight-year-old senior pup. The disturbing footage showed the dog being repeatedly slapped and beaten with her leather leash by a woman – allegedly because she defecated in the house.

According to Mutty Paws Rescue, who now has Mia safely in their care, were alerted earlier in the day about the incident:

“Today , we received word from Michelle Benoit of dog tiki rescue that this dog was being abused .. for pooping in the kids room. She is safe with us now thanks to Michelle , sue and Julie. This took place in Brevard county. This poor girl has bloody ears , scars on her back & a possibly mammary mas. She is a senior @ 8 years old & has suffered at the hands of a monster for years and years. Contact the Brevard county sheriffs office on fb , be her voice.”


The owner surrendered Mia to the rescue organization with a note written on the back of a receipt. She is currently receiving medical care for her injuries. The Brevard County Sherriff’s Department has spoken with all involved and has filed a report to seek justice for Mia.

From photos posted by the rescue organization, Mia has been a victim of animal cruelty for a long period of time. She wears the scars of abuse on her back, and also has several mammary masses. She will require wound care, bloodwork, mammary masses removed and biopsied to check for malignancies.

Follow Mia’s road to recovery.

To make a donation towards her care, please click here.

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4 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    And SHE has a CHILD! A person like this is VERY evil and filled with hate when thye don’t do right by the dog, while claiming their reason for SADISTIC torture is because the dog pooped in the “babies room”. If YOU CAN NOT DEAL WITH THE RESPONSIBILITIES THAT COME WITH HAVING A PET, WHY DO YOU THINK TORTURING THE ANIMAL TO DEATH IS THE ANSWER? BECAUSE YOU ARE A DEPRAVED, HATE FILLED DEMON SO FULL OF FALSE PRIDE…PERIOD! Judges and prosecutors who let vile pukes like this go with a mere slap on the wrist ought to BE FIRED, FINED and NOT ALLOWED TO BE IN THESE POSITIONS. YOU ARE PAID TO SERVE AND PROTECT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, NOT VILE THUGS. I pray the wrath of God brings ceaseless hurricanes to this EVIL STATE Florida until it is in the ocean.

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    How many of you would go to this hate filled VILE thug to go outside to poop after being REPEATEDLY BEATEN with NO MERCY? NONE!


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