Public’s help needed identifying man who pushed dog under gate fracturing its pelvis

A dog was seriously injured on Tuesday night after an unidentified man forcibly pushed the young terrier under a gate at the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Ireland.

Video footage from the shelter gates shows a man push the one to two year old dog under the gate resulting in multiple fractures to her pelvis, nerve damage and bruising which veterinarians stated must have caused excruciating pain for the dog.

Meet Peaches –

Injured dog dumped at gates of DSPCA

This is footage from our shelter gates, taken yesterday evening. This is upsetting and not acceptable. We are asking the public if they recognise the individual in the video or have any information that would help our enquiry. The dog, a 1-2 year old terrier cross, has multiple fractures to her pelvis, nerve damage and bruising so the manner in which she was pushed under the gate must have been excruciating for her. She was taken in by our vets and is being looked after. We have called her Peach.The person who dumped her made no effort to contact us by ringing the buzzer on the gate.Any information can be emailed to

Posted by DSPCA on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Peaches is currently under the care of the rescue organization.

The person who dumped the dog made no attempts to contact the shelter by ringing the gate or the door. Anyone recognizing the dog or the man seen in the above video, is asked to email:

Help Peaches find some justice. Surely someone recognizes the person or the dog.

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5 replies
    • Diana R says:

      Robert, I’ve had problems in the past with no video showing either, then realized my software that works to protect my computer from virus’s was blocking it. You can add this site as one not to be blocked from showing content or temporarily queue it down for video to load. Hope this helps.

  1. Diana R says:

    This dog was BEATEN BEFORE put under this gate. From what can be CLEARLY seen on the video is these EGREGIOUS injuries happened before he pushed the dog under. Just look carefully at how he’s holding this dog as he walks up, then watch how EASILY the little angel fits under the gate. HE BEAT THIS LITTLE DOG TO A PULP FIRST, panicked and dumped her there, partly out of guilt. I say out of guilt because if not, he would have dumped her in the middle of nowhere, NOT at a rescue where HE KNEW there would be medical help. ANOTHER reason to NOT ring the bell.


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