Police officer and wife sentenced to prison for ‘extreme abuse’ of dog

In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a police officer and his wife were sentenced to prison on Monday for “extreme abuse” for starving their dog Bruno,  a Golden Labrador retriever. Jeffrey Levan and his wife Amber Levan pleaded no contest to animal neglect charges.

According to PennAliveNews, Officer Levan, 53, was handcuffed and taken away to jail for a term of three to 12-months. His wife, Amber, 34, who was similarly sentenced, will not serve her time in prison until May in order to be home to take care of the couple’s three children.

According to AbcNews, Levan, and his wife starved their dog so badly, its bones protruded from its body. Pennsylvania State Police stated the dog had been 30 pounds underweight, smelled like urine, had visible open sores on his legs, and his bones could be seen sticking out prominently from his body.

The dog was removed from the couple’s home and recuperated at One Dog at a Time where he received medical treatment and placed on a feeding program to safely gain weight. The dog would “crouch and cower” at human contact and had been obsessed with finding food. Today, Bruno continues to heal emotionally.

The Levans were also ordered to pay $4,255 in restitution to the rescue organization who cared for Bruno.

“To help ODAAT with the cruelty and neglect cases where we, ‘Hold the evidence’ to give the Police Departments the ability to seize the animal and make sure the perpetrators get the justice they deserve by following thru with charges, donation can be sent to ODAAT 155 Macintosh Drive Palmyra PA 17078 or thru our PayPal donateodaat@gmail.com.”

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  1. Sue says:

    It’s so interesting (I’ll use that word instead of infuriating) that all reports of any police officer abuse of a dog, including K9’s, are pointed toward the idea that it’s just one officer doing this. Institutionalized cruelty in K9 units, which is standard, gets ignored. So they got this one police officer dog owner for cruelty – NOW, how about taking on the K9 units? (Granted, in order to supplement the information that’s already been documented, some real dedicated undercover investigatory reporting would have to take place, as they strive to keep the abuse and torture well hidden.

  2. Jan Barnes says:



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