Veterinarians remove 19 baby pacifiers from dog’s stomach

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In Boston, Massachusetts, veterinarians removed 19 baby pacifiers from a dog’s stomach. The Angell Animal Medical Center treated the bulldog after he stopped eating.

Quite shocking to see a dog who can swallow that many pacifiers over the course of a month – and unnoticed,” said Rob Halpin of Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.

According to KslaNews, the three-year-old bulldog began having stomach problems in April, and that’s when his owner, Emily Shanahan brought Mortimer to the vet who prescribed medication for the dog’s nauseousness. When the medicine didn’t help and Mortimer stopped eating completely, Shanahan brought him to the Angell Animal Medical Center where an x-ray showed the collection of pacifiers in the dog’s stomach.

Mortimer is suspected of having taken pacifiers from the family’s two young children over several months. Luckily, the pacifiers were removed without the need for surgery by using a medical scope. Mortimer has fully recovered.

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