Colorado wildlife officials urge people to leave fawns alone

In Colorado Springs, despite repeated pleadings for people to leave fawns alone in the forests, several new cases of fawns believed to have been orphaned by their mothers, have been reported. Most healthy fawns, however have not been abandoned by their mothers and are likely to return.

According to Wednesday’s Gazette, wildlife officials tried to return a fawn where it was found with hopes that its mother will return.

“Unbelievable! Yet another newborn fawn orphaned by someone in #ColoradoSprings who refused to leave it alone.

@COParksWildlife officers are attempting to replace the fawn where it was found in hopes of avoiding a trip to rehab for the little critter. #LeaveBabyWildlifeAlone”

Just hours after the Twitter post, another fawn had been removed from the forest by someone thinking they were helping.

“It is NOT abandoned. DO NOT pick it up. Do NOT feed it. This fawn was nearly orphaned today in #ColoradoSprings by people who refused to honor our plea:

#LeaveBabyWildlife Alone”

Wildlife officials ask people just to admire the beautiful animals from afar. Respect all wildlife – leave them alone and it’s more than likely they will leave you alone also.

Be careful driving – this is prime season for wildlife mothers and their babies. Give them a break (BRAKE) – SLOW DOWN.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I think some humans should go back to KINDERGARTEN and START OVER!
    They obviously didn’t learn much THE FIRST TIME AROUND!


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