Update on King James: Dog who lived in agony in front of owners

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In Fort Worth, Texas, where animal abuse and cruelty often goes unchecked, King James lived in agony alone in his owner’s backyard for several weeks if not months. A heavy chain nearly strangled him to death; the putrid odor of an advanced infection decaying and oozing could be smelled from 100 feet away.

The heavy chain embedded into his neck had become his prison; he suffered silently in agony, and as the wound from the tightened chain embedded deeper into his neck and his head swelled more than twice its size, King James almost strangled to death; the cut so deep that his head had nearly severed from his body.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC arranged for King James to be transferred to the organization’s partner emergency veterinarian hospital where the dog was sedated, the chain removed and his neck and head area cleaned and clipped.

On Monday morning, King James continued to fight for his life. He remains on intravenous fluids, antibiotics and heavy pain medication. At this time is not stable enough to undergo surgery to repair the deep wounds around his neck.

“We have been told by medical staff that when they were removing the chain yesterday, there were maggots and ticks infested in the deep wound all around his neck.  It took hours of cleaning and washing the area to make sure it was free of dirt, maggots, bugs and ticks,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC posted on Facebook. “Since King James lived outside on this heavy chain and was in this condition for months, we are not surprised that he was covered in maggots.
All we keep thinking about is the PAIN this poor dog endured for months while he laid in the dirt with no one to help him while his owners watched him outside and did nothing.  We are calling the shelter now to find out what is being done to press charges against the owners. We have documented all of the photos and have made a detailed timeline of all facts since the first minute we rescued him.”

If you are horrified by King James and his abuse and you live in Texas then call your local representative and follow this link:
SB 295

Read the original coverage of King James here.

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