King James lived in agony in his owner’s backyard for months

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In Fort Worth, Texas, where animal abuse and cruelty often goes unchecked, King James lived in agony alone in his owner’s backyard for several weeks if not months. A heavy chain nearly strangled him to death; the putrid odor of advanced infection decaying and oozing could be smelled from 100 feet away.

It had been the dog’s owner who called Animal Control to pick the dog up and take him to the shelter. For his entire life, King James existed unnoticed in the backyard – held prisoner and neglected – the heavy chain his unmistakable prison.

And as the wound from the tightened chain embedded deeper into his neck and skin, King James had nearly strangled to death; the cut so deep that his head had nearly severed from his body.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help and arranged for King James to be transferred to the organization’s partner emergency veterinarian hospital where the dog was sedated, the chain removed and his neck and head area cleaned and clipped.

“We are horrified that this poor dog has been living in pain and agony with no help for several weeks if not months, alone in a backyard,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue group posted on Facebook late Sunday afternoon. “His owners should not get away with this! Texas laws need to change and King James should be the example to make this happen.”

At this time, the dog’s condition is listed as critical. He is currently receiving intravenous fluids, antibiotics and heavy pain relief medication. He will remain at the hospital until he is in stable condition at which time it will be determined if more specialized care needs be ordered. King James is receiving every medical advantage that is available.

Updates to follow.


If you are horrified by King James and his abuse and you live in Texas then call your local representative and follow this link:
SB 295


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  1. If any organization can help King James–it is the HEROES at RESCUE DOGS ROCK! But they will really need help saving him!


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