Unlicensed owner shot his pet zebra after animal escaped from home

In Callahan, Florida, a pet zebra that escaped from his home was shot and killed by its owner who was not licensed to own the animal.

According to the Naples Daily News, the zebra, named Shadow, hurt himself on Wednesday when he escaped from home. Neighbors stated the zebra was cornered and killed by the owner. A witness who had been walking her dog, said she spotted the zebra trotting down the road and watched it stop at the corner to graze. Police cars arrived and scared the zebra who took off in a run when the owner shot it.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission stated the owner did not have a license to keep captive wildlife. No other exotic animals were found on the property.

The owner’s name has not been released.

Rest in peace Shadow. Your death was unnecessary.

(Photo via Twitter screenshot

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Another EVIl LUNATIC at HELL’S DOOR! Rest In Peace with the other angels, dear sweet Shadow!

    I completely understand why the DISGUSTING SCUM’s name has not been released!


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