German shepherd found roaming the streets with atrophied leg

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Near Frisco, Texas, a German shepherd roamed the streets scavenging for food. Besides having been a stray and desperately scrambling to survive, the dog faced a worst challenge; his back leg had atrophied after it had been severed.


Rescue Dogs Rock NYC immediately stepped up to help the dog now named Gavin. On Friday morning, Gavin was transported to Frisco Emergency Veterinarian Hospital to be stabilized.

“His eyes tell his story; they are so sad and you see such despair and suffering,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization posted on the group’s Facebook page with the heartbreaking photos and brief videos of a once beautiful dog. “This is not a new injury as the wound is infected, covered in flies and maggots which were literally EATING AWAY at his bone.”


The veterinarian staff agreed Gavin has endured severe pain. Gauze had been wrapped around his injured leg by an unknown person. At this time, the friendly dog is weak and in shock. It is hoped he isn’t septic. He is now being stabilized with intravenous fluids, antibiotics and pain medications.

More updates to follow. To help Gavin:

If everyone just donated $5 we would hit our goal so quickly

Thank you in advance for helping Gavin

Please Help Gavin

(Photos of German shepherd with atrophied leg courtesy of RDR NYC)

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  1. L Adkins says:

    Poor little baby!! Hope his leg isn’t septic, either. So glad you found him so that to help stop his pain and suffering. May God Bless him and find him a good, loving home.


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