Someone wrapped dog in gauze and then threw him into dumpster

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In Oklahoma City, someone wrapped a dog in gauze and then threw him into a dumpster. Fortunately for the terrified pooch, Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue was there to help.


We just received a call from our partner shelter. This dog was found in a dumpster. Like a piece of trash. Someone allowed him to get in this condition, wrapped him in gauze and literally threw him in the trash. We are completely and utterly heartbroken. His new life starts now. We will keep you posted,” the organization posted on their Facebook page with the heartbreaking photos of the dog now named Ralph.


Heather Hernandez described Ralph as being emaciated and having a severe case of mange. His hair is mostly gone and his painful open sores were bleeding and infected.

There has been no word about Ralph’s past, however a concerned citizen stated she had seen this dog before as well as his owners.

Check out Ralph’s video:

Ralph is expected to make a full recovery. To donate to his expensive recovery process, please click here.

Get well soon Ralph.

(Photos of dog wrapped in gauze and thrown in dumpster via Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue)

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