Public workers mowing grass found emaciated dog on side of road

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In Leesburg, Florida,  public workers with Lake County Public Works had been mowing the grass on Tuesday afternoon when one of the men spotted an emaciated dog lying on the side of a busy road. At first it was thought  the dog was dead.

“Glory was found in a ditch by someone who was mowing the lawn by the street. He almost ran over her with his lawnmower as he did not see her. When he first saw her he thought she was dead. When he realized she was still alive, he took action and that is why Glory is alive today. The second pic is her at our vet yesterday.

We are posting this to remind people that just because an animal may look deceased doesn’t mean they are. This man did the right thing and took action and we thank him. To all the good samaritans out there, keep fighting the fight and being the voice for homeless animals. Let Glory be a reminder to all that it is worth all of the heartache. She is alive today because of that man and we cannot thank him enough for not looking the other way,” Pit Sisters posted on their Facebook page.

According to the rescue organization Pit Sisters, discovered the dog on Sunnyside Drive and waited until the Lake County Office of Animal Services arrived to help. At her intake, the dog only weighed 22 pounds.

Many thanks to the Lake County employees who have turned out to be heroes to the dog now named Glory.

“Sweet ‘Glory’ was saved by the heroic efforts of our Lake County Public Works Road Maintenance Ops crew on Tuesday. We are happy to report that she is eating, drinking and slowly gaining her strength back thanks to the work of our partners,” Lake County, Florida tweeted.

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A miraculous recovery

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