Owner charged: 4-month-old puppy suffered multiple broken bones

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In Denver, Colorado, on Friday the owner of a 4-month-old puppy has been charged with animal cruelty after veterinarians discovered the pet had suffered multiple broken bones.

According to Fox31News, Stephen Swett, 24, brought the boxer and Dalmatian mix to the MaxFund No-Kill Animal Shelter and Adoption Center in September and October telling personnel that his puppy, Kayle had collapsed and had been having trouble breathing. The intake person could feel the puppy’s broken bones. Radiographs showed Kayle had both old and new rib fractures and needed surgery and pins to correct the fractures.

The puppy’s journey to health has been long and extensive.

“Kayle’s journey:
I went and spent some time with Kayle this morning and brought her some toys. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with them at first and really just wanted to snuggle. I gave her tons of kisses and hugs from each and every single one of her followers! She wanted me to thank you all for your donations. Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday to give her ruptured lung some time to heal to make it safe for surgery. Please help by donating if you haven’t already. Her road is long but it will be filled with love and snuggles and more kisses than she can handle.”

Swett’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 10.

The good news is that Kayle did recover and has been placed in a new home.  Thanks to the Denver District’s Attorney’s Office, this puppy had a voice.

A new Colorado law convicted of felony animal cruelty can be banned from owning a pet for five years. Swett has been charged with two animal cruelty misdemeanor counts.

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A miraculous recovery

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  1. Pennysdachshunds says:

    Colorado ::: My Neighbor !!! YOU guy DOWN there are AWSOME in RESCUE , ADOPTION , and SEEING that ABUSED Animals of All Species ARE Found safe Homes and Shelter IF at all Possible . Most important the Law Enforcement and Judicial System IS INDEED VESTED!!! WE NEED MORE STATES to TAKE A STANCE !!!


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