Outrage after police shot and killed dog in his own yard

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In Vernon, New Jersey, a police officer shot and killed a dog outside of his home on Saturday. The Labrador retriever, a former rescue pooch named Hiro, had escaped from his yard when an officer came to capture the pet that tragically ended in the dog’s death.

According to the Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery Facebook page, Hiro had been originally rescued by “Eleventh Hour Rescue.” When the officer showed up to corral the dog, he said the dog was foaming at the mouth and he charged at the officer who was “scared s***less.”

Vernon, NJ police just shot and killed a Labrador! I’m working a lost dog here and got a call about this dog, the caller thought it may have been the dog I am looking for. I get here and police go flying by me. I went right over and spoke with the police who claims the dog charged the cop and the cop was “scared shitless and dog was foaming at the mouth, he was trying to offer him water”they shot him in the street in front of his house!!! The guy who called me said that’s a lie he was not foaming at the mouth he watched him for over 10 mins and the dog was fine. I am so f**king disgusted!!!, ” the rescue organization posted on their Facebook page.

The officer shot and killed Hiro in front of his home.

An investigation has been opened according to Vernon Mayor Harry J. Shortway. More than 1,500 comments were posted on the rescue’s Facebook page; the tragic photos have been shared nearly 3,000 times.

“To answer some of the repeated questions and concerns… An investigation is being opened and the officers body camera has been Opra requested, we have a few witnesses to the events that happened who we have spoken with directly. One resident who was within feet of the dog and officer witnessed the entire event before, during and after. Hiro was in his own yard when the officer arrived and followed the officer out into the street where he was shot and killed. This occurred in a private Lake community. Thank God there were no children playing around the area at the time. He was shot right next to a basketball hoop where children play. It was 89 degrees at the time and this particular lab has a bad underbite which naturally makes his bottom jaw protrude so his teeth are exposed all the time, even when he’s happy to see someone. The police were called to the area because animal control was closed and they responded to a loose dog report. The man who called it in came down and spoke with us directly in front of eight people and stated he didn’t feel the dog should have been shot and apologized. No more questions will be answered on this post as it is now an active investigation.

As to the reference of Hiro “foaming at the mouth,” the rescue stated on Saturday, outdoor temperatures soared to 89 degrees. In addition, the dog had an under bite which made his bottom jaw protrude so his teeth showed all the time – “even when he’s happy to see someone.”

This is a developing story. Updates to follow.

Rest in peace Hiro.

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9 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Bully with a badge. There MUST be “dealing with animals” training as part of police training…….

    From a distance, the underbite might look like “foaming”…… although by witness accounts, the dog was back in his yard and left it to “greet the newcomer”…… There is a huge difference in posture for a friendly dog vs. an attacking dog……. which most “normal people” can instantly recognize……

    Clearly this POS cop knew nothing about dogs, other than that he wanted to shoot this dog…….. Absolutely disgusting…….

    I would hope the family can get a good attorney to sue the Police and this cop personally (not that money can replace a loving companion and beloved family member)……. but money can pay for grief counseling……

    Precious treasure Hiro I know you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and RIP amongst loving friends.

    The POS who murdered you will burn forever in Hell for his cruelty………

  2. Kristine says:

    F*^*ing lying sac of shit! Lies to cover up his actions. His body camera will prove he had NO justifiable reason to kill the dog. However even though the video will prove his guilt NOTHING will happen to the cop as he won’t be charged & IF he happens to be charged he will be given a SLAP on the wrist as the Judges in animal abuse cases have NO BALLS & the cop will still have his job.
    If that were my rescue he killed, I wouldn’t stop fighting til that cop had nothing left & is afraid to show his face in public!!
    All cops need specialized training on how to deal with dogs.
    One clip I saw, two pit bulls were running loose in a neighbourhood barking at everyone.
    The responding cop had k9 training & the outcome was the dogs got in the back of his cruiser as he hoaxed them in there & once in there all they wanting was to be petted.
    They didn’t loose their life from a f*^*ing trigger happy, stereotyping breed pig!!!
    RIP Sweet Angel

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    You want to support police officers and then you see an idiotic shooting like this! He was “scared s***less.” of a Labrador Retriever in his own yard? He is that cowardly he doesn’t need to be a police officer and carry a gun! My condolences to the family of this poor dog, I can’t imagine what I would do to a coward like this if he shot and killed my dog!

  4. Larry says:

    Another case of a gutless cowardly cop needlessly killing a defenseless animal. A guy like him has no business being in law enforcement or carrying a firearm. If people want to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, start with this SOB. God knows what this piece of crap might do if he is ever confronted with a real dangerous situation. If he was scared shitless by this dog, he would undoubtedly crap all over himself if he was ever in any real danger. He should at least be fired and also face charges for animal cruelty. Will someone please copy this comment and send it to the appropriate official in Vernon, New Jersey.

  5. Jan Barnes says:

    Hope there are very few police in HELL! He’ll find out when HE GETS THERE!

    Run with the other angels, dear sweet Hiro!

  6. Whitney says:

    The cop needs to be charged!! They probably are going to just let it slide.

    Scared shitless OMG REALYY!? If the cop was that scared of a 30 lb dog then hes just a pussy….what else is goong to scare thr poor little fella?!

  7. ronald says:

    its just an excuse the thug is far away from the dog they have tasers and pepper spray the photo pf the dead dog don’t look like a running dog pose to me its a stationary pose


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