K-9 Officer Thor died in Mississippi when air-conditioning malfunctioned

Eight-year-old K-9 Officer Thor died in Mississippi last week after he had been left in a patrol car when the air-conditioning malfunctioned on an extremely hot day.

According to the Herald Publicist, Thor had been in a patrol care outside of the Vicksburg Police Department on Tuesday when the vehicle “apparently malfunctioned” and the engine shut off. Thor had been in the car for less than 30 minutes and when discovered by his handler, was rushed to an emergency veterinarian.

“We know that Officer Heggins immediately began rendering aid and  then we quickly transported Thor to the veterinarian clinic,”stated Vicksburg Police Chief Milton Moore.

Sadly, Thor died on Wednesday morning.

Thor had been part of the Vicksburg Police Department since 2012 and was credited with more than 60 felony arrests and apprehensions as well as drug arrests.

It is not known why the vehicle malfunctioned; an investigation is underway.

Rest in peace Thor.

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3 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I always question why a police K-9 needs to be left in the car when the officer is in the police station. Why doesn’t the officer take the K-9 with him. I find it hard to believe that 30 minutes would result in the death of this dog and think probably it was much longer. There is the question of if this car was equipped with the heat warning alarm that it should have been too. This is happening too much and the officers are the ones that should be held responsible. If we left our pets in the car and they died we would have to face charges.

  2. Ann says:

    How many more times do we have to see these stories. Do not leave the K9 officers in the vehicle. Just do not. Obviously the technology to keep the air conditioning running is faulty and cannot be relied upon. This should never, ever happen again.


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