Homeless woman shot by cop aiming for her dog were ‘regulars’ in area

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A homeless woman shot by an Arlington police officer aiming for her dog were known as “regulars” in the area of the Seville Commons shopping center. On Thursday, Margarita (Maggie) Victoria Brooks, 30, was shot and killed by a rookie officer, who stated the dog had been charging at him, when one of the three bullets fired, struck the woman as she laid in the grass.

According to the Star Telegram, witnesses who knew Maggie, her boyfriend and their small brown dog, described the woman as “real loving to the dog” and “who was her soul.” Maggie always made sure her dog was fed, and others described the woman and her dog as kind and “good-hearted.”

The dog, a mix between a Beagle and a Labrador retriever, had been known throughout the neighborhood; area residents stated they often petted the dog. No one had ever heard the dog bark, and Maggie would often be seen walking along the side of the supermarket with her dog making sure to keep the pup off of the side of the road.

The Arlington police officer who shot the Brooks had been sent to do a welfare check, after a 911 call reported a woman had passed out on the grass. The fire department and paramedics had also been dispatched. According to the police report,  as an officer approached Maggie, the unleashed dog standing next to the woman, began to bark and run towards the officer. The officer retreated and fired three shots at the dog. Brooks yelled out when she was accidentally shot.

The shooting was recorded on video by the officer’s body camera, and is currently under review. The officer  has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Officer confirmed Maggie died from a gunshot wound to her chest. The death has been ruled a homicide.

The dog, only grazed by a bullet, has been treated by a veterinarian and is being held in an animal shelter. After the shooting, the frightened dog ran into the garage of a car dealership to hide. A man went over to the scare dog and calmed him down.

“He just sat there with him until the dog got comfortable. But, to be honest, the dog looked scared. And that’s the one thing we noticed,” a staff member at the car dealership said.

In a news conference on Friday, Police Chief Will Johnson described what happened as an “absolute tragedy.”

“Our hearts are broken for the Brooks family and police officer involved,” the statement included.

The officer, 25-years-old just graduated from the police academy in February and finished his field training on July 1; his name has not been released. No statements have been issued whether the officer’s decision to shoot the dog was appropriate.

Rest in peace Maggie.

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  1. Again, a cowardly police officer overreacting to a dog doing only what dogs do, trying to protect their “person” from a stranger. The dog’s behavior after the incident attests to the fact that he (the dog) posed NO THREAT to the officer. How about this time NO COVERUP, NO EXCUSES, prosecute this gutless SOB for at least manslaughter. And, I sincerely hope the victim’s family will sue the Arlington Police Department for really BIG BUCKS to teach all of their officers a lesson about how to deal with dogs without the use of deadly force. Someone please copy tyhis comment and see that gets posted to social media that reaches the Arlington PD.

  2. That officer should be FIRED, using a weapon against a dog who is simply protecting its fallen owner is expected, if the cop had any LIVE BRAIN CELLS in his head at most pepper spray but I’m sure NOTHING BUT PATIENCE & calmness would have resolved. The cop is a COWARD moron , & he should not be allowed to even HAVE A GUN

  3. You cannot trust ANYONE who has no feeling or regard for animals. Studies have shown that this “lack of feeling” is a sign that they have no feeling or respect for people either!

    This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we need in a police officer!

  4. It’s a wonder there aren’t more killings like this! Too many times the police overreact to a “charging” dog and shoot first and ask questions later. So sorry for Maggie’s family and friends for their loss, and to her poor dog that lost his mommy!

  5. This is my second comment on this post – just can’t seem to let this one go. First, the officer claims the dog “charged” him. Do you think he knows the difference between a dog running toward him and a dog “charging” him? I seriously doubt it. COWARD. If this happened with a private citizen the response would be automatic. The shooter would be charged with at least manslaughter (if not second degree murder), reckless use of a firearm, reckless endangerment and who knows what else. That person would be facing serious prison time. This officer should not be above the law. Terms like negligent, irresponsible, reckless, stupid and bad shot all come to mind. I suggest that the Arlington PD give serious consideration to improving their markmanship training. I suspect that for this guy it was merely an excuse to use his weapon and now he should face the consequences.

  6. So this is how we treat our pets weather homeless or not. Our police just take it alone themselves to shoot a dog just because they feel like it. Well buddy you messed up this time. I hope the family sues the asses off the police department and the county and they get what they deserve. And I hope that pup is still not in a shelter and was taken to a home where he can live out his life. Because the responsibility of police once again now a pup suffers with no owner. He needs to be punished to the fullest. We need harsher punishment for police for our kids and pets. Its getting ridiculous now. So stupid!


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