Five-week-old Pug stuffed in plastic bag and left on street

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A five-week-old Pug puppy was close to death when found stuffed in a plastic bag and left on a street in Co Meath, Ireland on Saturday afternoon. A Good Samaritan heard whining coming from the bag and went over to the abandoned parcel to investigate.

According to Coolronan Dog Rescue in Ballivor, who is now caring for the puppy, posted on their Facebook page the pup, now named Little Bobby, suffered from malnutrition, worms and an issue with his back legs.

On our way back from Mullingar earlier after dropping Rio to his new home we got a call about this little pup found dumped in a plastic bag in Navan  apart from been left to die in a plastic bag he’s skin and bone full of worms and way to young to be away from his mum, he has an issue with one of his back legs which will be checked out by our vets pray this little guy makes it (if he does he has a home offer when he’s ready by a lovely lady I met in pet mania) I’m just sick to the back bone of cruelty in this country  if anyone seen anything on flowerhill this morning about half 10 please pm me it will be treated with the strictest confidence.”

Although Little Bobby is not out of the woods yet as to his health, a veterinarian check sent hope to all of his well wishers and supporters.

“Thanks so much to everyone for all the comments, the messages and the phone calls  after a vet check happy to say his leg is not broken he has rickets which is due to lack of calcium also because he is so emaciated his back legs are weak due to having no muscle mass at all, but happy to report after a big feed he actually walked so much better. Now wormed and asleep after his second dinner today.”

It is suspected the puppy was dumped because he was the runt of the litter. Ireland’s laws demand all dogs be micro-chipped, however rescue organizations contend 95 percent of the dogs coming in have not been chipped. As with most countries, including the United States, stricter laws concerning the abuse and neglect of pets are desperately needed.

There has been a waterfall of calls asking to adopt Little Bobby, however at this time he is too young and his prognosis is still unknown.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Thank you, Great Samaritans! So glad and grateful this darling little sweetheart will have the home full of love he deserves!


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