Officer killed woman while shooting at dog

Officer accidentally killed woman while shooting at loose dog

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A police officer in Arlington, Texas, accidentally shot and killed a woman while shooting at a stray dog. According to the Arlington Police Department, the shooting took place on August 1 near Cantor Drive and N. Collins Street. The officers and EMS responded to the area to do a welfare check on a woman who was reported to be “passed out” on a grassy area.

An officer located a woman in the grassy area and encountered an unrestrained dog. When the officer called out to the woman, the dog ran towards the officer, barking. A press release explains what happened next:

The officer retreated backwards from the running dog while drawing his duty firearm. The officer discharged his firearm multiple times towards the dog. After the shots were fired, the woman yelled out and it was apparent she was injured.

The woman was transported to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead. There is body-worn camera footage of the incident which will be utilized in the investigation. The woman’s name has not yet been released. No word on the fate of the loose dog.

(Image of gun via Pixabay)

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2 replies
  1. Larry says:

    Another case of a cowardly police officer shooting (or attempting to shoot) a dog that was simply running in his direction but with no clear evidence that the dog posed any real threat. In this case an innocent PERSON was killed instead of perhaps an innocent animal. In the report, the fate of the dog was not known. When are these gutless police officers going to learn that gunfire is not the best way to deal with dogs, even loose dogs. In very many cases these dogs are even in their own yards. And in almost every case, the officer involved claims that he/she felt “threatened.” COWARDS – LIARS. That this officer should be fired goes without saying. The only remaing question is whether he should face criminal charges for manslaughter. A lawsuit by the victim’s family is almost a given. Arlington Police Department, screen your officers better in the future! Save lives (people and animals) and save money.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Why do we suddenly have PSYCHOTIC police officers shooting stray dogs?!

    This incident should be a REAL LESSON for the “TRiGGER HAPPY”!


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