Homeless man’s heartbreaking surrender of 14-year-old dog, but wait

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In Lawrenceville, Georgia, a 14-year-old dog named Lucky had been evicted from his home along with his human on Saturday.

“His dad had no family, no money and only the belongings that he could fit in the back seat of his car (because Lucky rides shotgun in the front seat.)

With tears in his eyes – and quite frankly, everyone else’s – Lucky’s dad made the difficult decision to surrender his best friend of 14 years to the shelter today,” wrote animal advocate Katie Corbett on her Facebook page.

Lucky would be spending his first night in a shelter; he had never been separated from his human – ever. And so Lucky was made available for adoption, foster or rescue through Gwinnett County Animal Welfare. The friendly senior has lived with dogs, cats and kids and has never shown aggression to anything or anyone. Previously he lived with a ten-pound Yorkie, who had been his best canine friend, until he died. Fully house trained, knowledgeable of many commands and just an all around perfect dog, Lucky’s photo was posted online, but wait…

“We were young when we came together,” Joe spoke to his dog looking him in the face. “Now we’re both old men. Be a good boy Lucky. I’ll be back for you.”

Katie wasn’t able to get that image out of her head and worked on a plan to help. She set up a GoFundMe fundraiser, told the emotional story she and other volunteers had just witnessed, and within a short time had offers to cover Lucky’s veterinarian care as well as dog food. In addition, there were offers for food, clothing, shoes, job resources, gas cards and much more outpouring of love and support for the two.

Later that afternoon, Joe returned to the shelter.

“I was honestly speechless when Joe walked up to our kennel desk and showed me Lucky’s photo on his phone. He came in prepared to take him home right away – He didn’t want him to spend another minute in the shelter. Thankfully, we were able to make some movement on this, and Lucky is safe and sound in a wonderful foster home until dad gets back on his feet and can get his best friend back,” Katie wrote.

The biggest hurdle is finding a stable living situation for the both of them and setting Mr. Williams up with a steady source of income. He is disabled and can’t do much manual labor, but is willing to work.

The bad news – Lucky had to spend one night in the shelter; the good news – Lucky only had to spend one night in the shelter.

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