Florida man goes the distance to help feed shelter animals

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How far would any person go to ensure the safety and well being of unwanted, abandoned animals? For some people it’s frequent donations; for others it’s fostering or rescuing animals from overcrowded shelters.

Kris Rotunda, a modern-day hero for animals, literally goes the distance to make sure no shelter dog in the U.S goes hungry.  He has partnered with 100 shelters in the U.S. to help ease their struggle to properly feed all the animals in their care.

Kris’s love and compassion for shelter dogs started 11 years ago when he went into the SPCA of Tampa Bay and met Jordan. There, his life changed forever.  He fell in love with the three-and-a-half-year-old female dog. He learned Jordan’s life was anything but happy, it was spent in the shelter system. She was bounced around a lot and never knew life outside of a cage.

Fill the Truck Flyer

Jordan lived with Kris for eleven happy years until she succumbed to cancer in October 2018.

Kris wanted to do something to honor Jordan, so he founded Jordan’s Way Charities Corporation. The mission of Jordan’s Way is to raise funds to feed shelter dogs throughout the United States. Since starting his mission in 2018, Kris has already supplied a year’s worth of food to 100 shelters across the U.S.

In addition to traveling the country and delivering food to animal shelters in need, Kris came up with a unique way to call attention to his mission and raise money for Jordan’s Way. From April 27, 2019 to April 29, 2019, Kris, pulled, flipped and pushed a 250-pound tractor trailer tire for 13 miles from Contour Fitness in Palm Harbor to Clearwater Beach. This was no easy feat, but Kris wanted to demonstrate his commitment to raising money to feed shelter dogs across the United States through his charity.

In an interview about the stunt, Kris stated:

“I want people to witness something that shows the love I had for my dog. Jordan did more for me than any human I’ve ever known. Yes, I have strength from years of bodybuilding and powerlifting, but my love for her is what will supply the power and drive me to succeed,”

The event was streamed live on Facebook. Kris hoped that by performing this feat, people would watch and hear about it and donate to his charity. Kris  repeated the tire rolling stunt in the middle of May, and is planning it again for the second week of July.

Now Kris is creating another event to “fill the truck” with dog and cat food to be distributed to shelters nationwide. The event will be held at 12 Pet Supermarket locations in Safety Harbor Florida, and the Clearwater, Florida area from June 17th, 2019 to June 23rd, 2019.

Locals can stop by and donate a bag of dog or cat food.

Two Florida rescues that will benefit from this food drive are Humane Society of Marion County and the St. Francis Society Animal Rescue in the Tampa Bay area.

If you aren’t local, you can also donate through Paypal at jordansway1001@gmail.com

Or their website https://www.jordanswaycharities.com/

Or their Facebook Fundraiser page

Over eight million dogs and cats enter the shelter system in the United States each year.  Many suffer greatly and never know the joy of a loving home.

Kris may not be able to fix that problem, but he is committed to fixing the problem of feeding them. He will not quit until the day comes when no shelter dog goes hungry.

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