Puppy declared vicious after scratching a child

Puppy who scratched child has been designated ‘vicious’

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A puppy who scratched a child in Peru, Indiana, has been designated a dangerous dog. As reported by the Kokomo Tribune, in May the 10-month-old English bulldog pup jumped on a five-year-old girl, knocking out a baby tooth and scratching her.

The pup belongs to Jessica Stanley who insists that her puppy is friendly; she explains that he was likely just trying to play:

He’s more likely to lay around and eat our shoes than attack anyone. He’s a puppy. I don’t understand deeming a 10-month-old puppy a vicious animal. I’ve seen cases where a dog has bit a hand off. He’s not like that. He’s very, very docile.”

The pup got through a loose fence board before jumping on the child – the little girl’s parents called animal control to report a dog attack and the pup was seized. Animal Control Officer Greg Douglass explained why the puppy was designated as a dangerous dog:

Because there was bodily harm done, you’re talking about a vicious dog situation. I felt that with the amount of harm that was done to the girl, regardless of any puncture wounds, it was a vicious attack.”

The Peru Board of Works has upheld the vicious dog designation and that means that the puppy has to be given to someone who lives outside of the city. The pup’s owner can appeal the board’s decision – if she does, a Miami County judge will make a final decision.

(Stock image of an English bulldog)

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10 replies
  1. Dee Dee Moore says:

    This puppy was being a puppy. His owner should have secured the loose board in the fence and kept his nails trimmed. If he wasn’t playing he has the strength to harm but that was not his nature or intention. He just didn’t know the difference in jumping on a child versus an adult. I’m sorry it probably scared the girl and her family and I hope the tooth fairy was very good to her. I hope they don’t have trouble rehoming this boy. I would be happy to have him.

    • Jan Barnes says:

      Aloha, Dee Dee

      I hope you were serious about saying you would be happy to have him. If the Justice System is unfair, he will need a new home right away.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    They seem to have given a “NEW DESCRIPTION” of the word “VICIOUS”! HOPES and PRAYERS that this beautiful “PLAYFUL” pup will receive the fair treatment he deserves!

  3. maxiemom says:

    That’s such a load of BS!! I have a dog who’s also a problem jumper, loves jumping on kids, and could easily do the same thing if I don’t onto her leash. That isn’t the sign of a vicious dog: it’s the sign of an overly friendly one who either isn’t well trained or simply refuses to listen when it comes to certain people (kids). This is just wrong.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    The tooth was probably loose to begin with at that age and a scratch, come on! Calling this a “vicious attack” is ludicrous! It’s sad that the parent’s reaction to this incident will probably ruin any relationship the child will ever have with a dog. If something like that is called vicious the child will be scared for life of dogs.

  5. sherry mainquist says:

    How redundant… A playful pup is now a ‘vicious animal’ Peru Indiana get a grip…!!! An ACO Douglass stop and smell the roses..you never had a pup jump up on you as a child wanting to play? Then I feel sorry for you! Your momma must of sheltered you your whole life…Go catch a few animal abusers and leave puppy’s be puppy’s…!!!

  6. Carol Green says:

    What nonsense! Where is the petition to save this puppy? Or the one to have the animal control officer either trained or replaced by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

  7. Bunny Peters says:

    This designation of a puppy as “vicious” is absolutely disgusting and wrong…….

    I think the girl’s parents and the ACO all overreacted……. It’s clear to me that this puppy was trying to play. Depending on the size of the child, I can see that she could be scratched or knocked down…….. However being scratched or knocked down by a dog is NOT the same as an “attack”………..

  8. Larry says:

    Another case of government officials failing to use common sense in dealing with animals. Everyone is right – this is a puppy being a puppy. If they must “punish” someone, charge the owner with negligence for failing to properly keep the puppy secured. When are these officials going to stop abusing their authority by harming innicent animals just because they can. Also, the parents of this child are way out of line by reporting a dog “attack.” If they were my neighbors they would never get another day/nights rest due to my constant retaliation (all be legal means). By the time I was finished with them they would be ready/anxious to move as far away as possible.


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