FBI joins animal welfare org to find person swinging puppy by neck

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reached out to the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation in Sherman Oaks, California on Tuesday, in order to gather information about the person seen swinging a French bulldog puppy in  the air by the leash on its neck. An animal cruelty case has been initiated according to the rescue organization.

“From tips and information we have received, we know the person’s name is Willie. That he is from Savannah, Georgia. His snapchat account his backdoor_willie…”

When contacted, the  person seen in the video allegedly abusing the puppy cursed at the representatives of the   rescue organization and would not cooperate at all in the investigation.

“We need an address or a last name, so we can work to see that he is arrested and the puppy rescued,” the group posted on Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

The person in this video is swinging a small French Bulldog puppy by its leash in the air laughing.

There is a reward being offered by @animalhopeinlegislation for information in regards to helping to identify who this person is so this dog can be located and rescued.

For anyone with information – please email policy@animalhopeandwellness.org”

The video is extremely disturbing and is not suitable to all viewing audiences. To view the video, copy and paste the URL below into your browser.


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