Dogs abandoned in the desert

Heartless! Three dogs abandoned with crate in the desert

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Three dogs are miraculously still alive despite a truly heartless act of cruelty which left them alone in the desert. Someone abandoned the trio outside of Las Vegas, behind Sunrise Mountain, in a remote hidden. Whoever left the dogs tied them to a crate first – leaving them unable to roam, or get away from predators.

Against all odds, the dogs were found when a hiker encountered them and reached out to a local rescue group for help. On the day the dogs were found, On My Way Home Rescue recounted how they were saved:

We were called out to an emergency call tonight. 3 dogs were left in the middle of the desert, 1 in a crate and the other 2 tied to the crate. A hiker was drawn to their cries and reached out for rescue help.

According to the rescue group, one of the puppies (a 12 week old male) was “throwing up and feeling terrible” when he was brought in. The pup was rushed to an emergency veterinarian for care.

Outraged dog lovers have donated towards the abandoned pups’ veterinary costs. In a Facebook post, the rescue agency expressed gratitude for the help:

Thank you to everyone who has donated and taken the time to care about the well-being of these abandoned dogs. They’re safe and their medical needs are being met. We have enough in funds now and appreciate our community so very much!

Follow the progress of these abandoned dogs at this link to the rescue group’s Facebook page.

(Images via Facebook)

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