Death row dog severely neglected

Death row dog one of the worst cases of neglect Georgia rescue has ever seen

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A death row dog recently pulled from a rural Georgia animal control facility is one of the worst cases of neglect ever seen by the rescue group that saved him. Tony is just six years of age, but he appears to have not seen an ounce of care in far too long. He is underweight and has a massive tumor on his abdomen.

On November 4, Two Tailz Rescue alerted Facebook followers that they were going to pull Tony from death row. The rescue group wrote:

We were just contacted to save “Tony.” He is considered in grave, serious condition, according into the shelter vet. We are rushing him to one of our vet clinics in metro ATL as we post.

Tony is in horrible shape. 💔 Shelter says he feels terrible and needs immediate medical attention. WHO LETS THIS HAPPEN???? 💔😡🥵

After Tony was in the group’s care, they provided an update. Amazingly, despite his pain, he has maintained a sweet, loving disposition:

What we know is….Tony is the absolute sweetest dog in the planet. He has NO reaction to other dogs and wants to be with humans. He loves to held and petted. He whines when humans go away. ❤️🐶💛

We also know Tony needs prayers. 🙏🙏 This tumor has been growing a very long time and has truly taken over much of his body. We will provide the absolute best medical care available, so long as he can withstand it. He is on pain medications.

On Wednesday night, the rescue agency wrote:

We rescue a significant number of abuse, neglect dogs….Tony is one of the absolute WORST cases of neglect we’ve rescued. 💔😡

Tony’s massive tumor has ruptured and his blood counts are off. He has cancer and if possible, he will undergo surgery to remove the mass from his body. In the meantime, he is being kept comfortable with pain medication and as much love as he can handle.

If you would like to help the rescue group get this neglected dog the best care possible, please consider making a donation. Donations can be made to “Saving Tony” at this link.

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