Dog desperately in need of help

Dog at rural animal control has huge mass and is desperately in need of rescue

A dog being held at a rural animal control facility in Georgia is desperately in need of rescue. The six-year-old dog, dubbed Tony, is at the Gwinnett County Animal Welfare. Lawrenceville, and he needs to get out and be assessed by a veterinarian for a large mass on his abdomen.

An advocate writes:

We have a dog named Tony here at the shelter that we have so far been unsuccessful in finding rescue placement. Tony is a sweet 6 yr old bully mix that has a melon-sized mass on his left inguinal area; because of the size of this mass, it appears to be displacing his penis to the right considerably.


There is a fluid-filled pocket that extends from the mass all the way down the left leg as well. Many areas of this mass are ulcerated and blood-tinged fluid is leaking out. The further evaluation shows that this guy is a neutered male, very thin and has severe dental tartar on his upper molars.

Clearly, Tony’s medical issues are well beyond the means of the animal control facility. Tony is uncomfortable and he needs help as soon as possible. His advocate writes:

Tony needs out of the shelter as soon as possible so he can get this mass addressed and for the first time in possibly years obtain some degree of true comfort. Please, if you can help him, contact me at 678-245-2447 or by email at

Please share this article and help Tony find a rescue agency to take him in and get him the care that he needs. Thank you!

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