Cow kicked with steel-toed boots

Family’s cow had to be euthanized after being kicked with steel-toed boots

An Ohio family’s cow had to be euthanized after being kicked by someone in steel-toed boots. As reported by Fox 8 News, the farmer in Carroll County has had cows targeted over the past two months – three were severely injured and one had to be put down.

Sheriff Dale Williams tells the news agency:

“The vet`s opinion was that the cows were kicked possibly by a steel-toed shoe or boot, and then the cows were beaten.”

The cows victimized were the family’ child’s 4-H project. The sheriff stated, “Works with them and gets them ready to show, and is very attached to these animals and for someone to do this is terrible.”

The family tried to find out who is behind the attacks by putting up trail cameras, but whoever is committing the crimes covered the camera before the last cow was beaten.

Nobody seems to know why the cattle are being targeted – the family has no known enemies. A reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible. Anyone with information is asked to reach out to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office at 330-627-2141.

(stock image of cow via Pixabay)

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3 replies
  1. Pat says:

    I am sorry about the calf I have a blind calf she is so lovable I hate all this abuse of animals I wouldn’t give her up at all please think of email before killing a calf

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    LMFAO…because an INNOCENT family in a state KNOWN for EGREGIOUS animal abuse is FINALLY being targeted. Let’s hope this will be the straw that broke the damn of DERELICTION of duty and OBSTRUCTION of justice. That is…MOST JUDGES, ANIMAL CONTROL, SHERIFF DEPUTIES in Ohio ARE GUILTY of allowing these (esp. if they’re WHITE) VIOLENT offenders go with impunity because :they have a family” or are “in college” or in some way “have a PROMISING future”. SCREW the dead and tortured animals! NOW it’s coming back to BITE THEM IN THEIR ARROGANT, EGO MANIAC butts. I hope that MANY MORE FAMILIES HAVE THEIR LIVESTOCK and FAMILY PETS MURDERED in the most horrific manner possible. Get mad, I do NOT care because it’s called: eye for an eye!


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