Dead dog found in backpack along path in Archbald

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A man walking his dog made a disturbing discovery on Tuesday afternoon after he found a dead dog in a backpack at a park in Archbald, Pennsylvania.

According to WnepNews, the dog is small with black, brown, and possibly white fur, and it was wrapped in a pillowcase before being put into the pack. The backpack had left partially open, and as the man and his dog walked by, they noticed an odor and became very concerned.

“… Especially if the dog was alive and was put in that bag. That’s just not tolerable,” stated Tim Trentley, Chief of Police in Archbald Borough… The dog had a lot of mat around it. Maybe some skin missing,” he added.

Animal control officers arrived and determined the dog had likely been there for a week. A necropsy will be performed on the dog to determine the cause of his death. The backpack is pink and black with a pencil case in the front pocket.

“We can see by looking at the dog that there was definitely neglect. There’s severe matting on the dog,” said Lackawanna County Humane Officer Laura Vitali. “The fur appears in some areas to be white. It’s been yellowed by urine. It could be the extended amount of time it’s been out here, but it only appears to have been here for a week.”

Rest in peace little one.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 507.876.0426. If you can’t take care of a dog, take it to a shelter.

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