Dog tied up in trash bag in Georgia likely to need 2 legs amputated

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A dog found tied up in Atlanta is likely to need two of his legs amputated because his fur had been so matted it had cut off his blood circulation.

According to Lifeline Animal Project, a Good Samaritan spotted the trash bag off Ralph McGill and Willoughby Way that had been moving. When the woman untied the bag, she discovered a small dog covered in maggots and flies and severely matted. She rushed the dog to Fulton County Animal Services where he was named Perci and rushed him to an emergency veterinarian.

“We reached out to our partners at Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs for assistance. They didn’t hesitate to help and agreed to take Perci in and cover his medical expenses,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

On Monday, Perci (Percible) went under anesthesia to finish shaving his head and the rest of the mats, had imaging done along with several other tests. His two front limbs (hands) are not salvageable due the strangulation necrosis from the matting . He has no front paws left, but he does indeed have two working back legs. A matted mass has also been removed from the back of his head and sent out for a biopsy. All blood work and radiograms came back normal. He also has a consultation with an eye specialist to begin treatment for corneal ulcers.

As to Perci’s prognosis, Second Chance Rescue NYC  believes he deserved better than only having known a life of horror and pain.

“And that between this community, medical intervention and hope and oceans we could give him a better life… I discussed with his Surgeon, THE AMAZING DR. LOCKWOOD, if we should go front end wheelchair and completely amputate both front arms or start surgical modification on his stumps at the ankles to potentially fit him for prosthetics and enter a rehab program further down the line when he is strong enough. Once we take off the 2 front arms there is no going back and frankly I don’t even know if he knows how to use his back legs considering his unknown history- Does Perci know how to dog? Although these pictures are graphic and horrific, he is recovering VERY WELL and is very alert and present.”

To donate to Percible’s ongoing medical, please go to or venmo is nycsecondchacnerescue.

More updates to follow.  Video: (copy and paste link below)

Law enforcement officers are investigating this case and need your help. If you have any information at all about this dog, please contact

(Photos of dog needing 2 legs amputated via Lifeline Animal Project and Second Chance Rescue NYC)

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  1. Larry says:

    In Georgia huh? Sherman needs to come back and finish the job he started in 1864. It seems too many cruelty cases in the Pet Rescue Report come from a few states – Flordia, Georgia, Arkansas, South Carolina to name some. The people who commit these heinous acts need to be found, prosecuted, and put away forever. Scum doesn’t even begin to describe those responsible.


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