Blind dog abandoned by owner still waits after 10 years in same spot

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A blind dog abandoned by her owner has never given up hope; her loyalty has endured for ten years as she waits in the same spot for her owner to return. How does one explain to a dog that she was purposely dumped by the only family she has ever known?

According to the Special Broadcasting Service, in an interview with a woman who regularly feeds the dog named Bokshil, the dog waits at the entrance of an apartment house and watches each resident as they pass by. She returns every day to the exact spot, as if she expects her owner to show up at any time, even though that has never happened. Once in awhile, she chases someone that reminds her of that special person.

Compassionate residents have cared for the dog, leaving her food and water which they place at the entrance to the apartment house. There have been many attempts by kindhearted people to adopt her, but Bokshil squirms out of their arms and runs back to the spot where she last remembered her owner to have been. At night, she walks to the dog house neighbors have since provided for her comfort and safety.In the morning, she returns to the apartment.

Recently Bokshil hadn’t seemed to be doing well, so neighbors took her to a nearby veterinarian for a physical examination. Except for age related eyesight problems, the dog remains healthy.

Maybe, just maybe her owner will read this story, recognize their special little dog and return home to claim her.

Check out the video:

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG, that poor precious little treasure!!! I would take that precious little treasure into my home and not let her outside (where she could return to the apartment building). After a few weeks she would adjust…… My heart is breaking for that precious little treasure…… She deserves to be loved and a treasured family member…… I am glad there are compassionate neighbors who care for her!!!

    The so called family who abandoned this precious little treasure all have reserved places in Hell waiting for them where they will burn forever for their cruelty…….

  2. sherry mainquist says:

    If only her owner knew of how this dog longs for her return…so sad…God bless those that feed and look after her…thank you.


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