Brave dog took on rabid fox to save child

Brave dog took on rabid fox, saving child from attack

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A family in Bath, Maine, is hailing one brave dog a hero after he took on a rabid fox, saving a little girl from a vicious attack. As reported by WCTI News, six-year-old Julia was playing outside with her friend when a fox suddenly appeared in the nearby woods.

The fox saw the kids and made a bee-line to them. The frightened children ran for the house, but the fox was able to catch them, biting Julia’s dress, and then sinking a tooth into her leg. It was at that moment that the family dog, Socks, appeared and took control of the chaotic and frightening situation.

Without hesitation, Socks grabbed hold of the fox and killed it in the yard. The dead fox tested positive for rabies. Fortunately, Socks was up to date on his vaccinations – he is getting booster shots, and must remain quarantined at home, but he should be okay.

The little girl bitten by the fox is also undergoing a series of painful shots, but she too will be okay. The child told the news agency:

“I think he’s a really good boy. And my mom and my dad they’re going to go to a place where they make really good dog treats. And they’re going to get some for him.”

Good job Socks!

(Screenshot of Socks via WCTI News)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Good boy Socks, so glad your owner kept you up to date on your shots and that your little girl will be ok. A true Hero!


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