Bear breaks into home through wall ‘like the Kool-Aid Man’

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In Denver, Colorado, a black bear broke into a home on Saturday through the wall “like the Kool-Aid Man.” The bear likely had been attracted to the smell of trash.

In a Facebook post from the Estes Park Police Department, the description of the bear’s adventure was scary although intriguing and ultimately serves as a warning to all residents not to feed bears, leave food out for them or leave trash receptacles unsecured.

“Last night a bear entered a residence near the area of Fall River Road. The bear seemed to have been attracted to the scent of refuse. Upon officer’s arrival, said bear forcibly breached a hole in the wall like the “Kool-Aid Man” and made it’s escape.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife also remind citizens to close and lock homes and vehicles.

“For your safety, and the lives of these bears, PLEASE close and lock ALL windows and doors to your house and vehicles. Make it a routine to check everything is closed up before you go to bed or leave the house to do errands.

Some of these vehicles were clean of any attractants (not even a crumb), and multiple cars in the same area. This shows that some individual bears are so habituated to receiving food from vehicles that some are going car to car seeing if they are unlocked, even if they don’t see or smell food.”

Bears are very intelligent and it is up to citizens to keep the animals wild.

Make sure to report human-bear conflicts to the CPW. Help the bears to stay alive, and do your part – remember they were here first.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    How scary!!! My family lived in an area that required very specific “bear proof” trash containers. We put our household trash in every night. We were NOT allowed to eat in our family cars….. thank goodness we never had any problems with “wildlife”!!!

    I can’t imagine a bear breaking into our wooden cabin home…. just how do you “secure your home” afterwards??? I would be so scared……


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