Abandoned dog left tied to tree: Icicles hung from his matted coat

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In a tragic case of animal neglect and cruelty, authorities are asking for help identifying the person who left a dog tied to a tree in a snowstorm as icicles hung from his matted coat. Suffield police found the dog on Thursday tied to a tree off a trail in Stony Brook Park.


According to the Suffield Animal Control Facebook page, the leash had been wrapped around the dog’s back legs cutting off the circulation. The dog has been taken to an animal hospital where he is being treated.


Does anyone recognize this dog? It was picked up by Suffield Animal Control today. It was tied to a tree off of a trail in the Stony Brook Park. This dog was left out to die overnight throughout the snowstorm. The leash had been wrapped around, and was cutting off the circulation to its back legs. The fur is severely matted and had icicles hanging from it at the time I picked him up.

This dog is currently being treated by a veterinarian.

We are looking to seek justice for this animal, and let it be known that animal cruelty doesn’t go unnoticed in our town.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Animal Control Officer Ryan Selig at 860.668.3870 or email RSelig@suffieldct.gov.

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6 replies
  1. Dalma Bugg says:

    That polar vortex must have frozen peoples’ brains. Who on earth would contemplate taking their dog even for a walk in weather that cruel, let alone leave it suffer torture as this precious baby did. My Thoughts and Prayers are that this beautiful baby will survive and thrive with the treatment he/she receives and go on to live the happiest possible life any doggo could ever ask for.
    As for the perpetrator/s I pray the opposite- that they be handed the harshest possible sentence that the current laws can cover – in multiples to guarantee harshness. They should never in their lifetime be allowed within a mile of any living creature – whole of life on the Tundra sounds appropriate.

  2. Addie says:

    Whoever did this to this poor dog must suffer the way this dog did. Lucky someone saw him and rescued him. I hope he can find happiness with people who will love him.

  3. Stephen says:

    This bothers me beyond imagination. Everyone including the officer who found the dog is saying neglect abandonment and abuse…the dog is a breed with long hair that generally does not get trimmed in winter. The matting on legs is an ongoing battle with breeds of this nature, especially if there outside running in snow and wet. The leash was around the leg, surely the dog did that themselves. Ice hanging from fur, that’s a constant with long haired pets in the winter. The dog does have a tumor board or some kind of sore on it’s leg. Also the matting is probably a week to two old. The dog is friendly and not malnurished. So the abuser, neglect is minor if at all! The dog was clearly there tied up. So maybe a better use of time and all this social media would be finding out what happened instead of making accusations that may not be true. How about a small search party to see if there’s someone hurt or worse on the area? Maybe more important to look down these avenues Instead of pursecuting someone that may not exist…

    • Ace says:

      You’re trying to explain a bad case of neglect…..you don’t know the facts either, but no animal should be left tied up anywhere, …where is the owner? Why are you justifying this ?

    • Diana Rowell says:

      And people like YOU Stephen bother ALL of us BEYOND imagination. That you suggest someone is hurt is just outrageous for the SIMPLE FACT that if they’re hurt/unable to walk for help, they could NOT have tied up the dog! Geesh!

  4. Jan Barnes says:

    Please do “a lot more” than “letting it go unnoticed”. This is CRiMINAL and needs to be SERIOUSLY investigated!

    Does the poor innocent dog need donations?


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