Teen cried when sentenced to jail for beating turkey with an ax

An 18-year-old Columbiana, Ohio teen cried after the man who owned the turkey killed addressed the court before sentencing on Thursday. Drew Browne pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after he was captured on video beating the turkey to death with an ax handle.

According to WfmjNews, the owner of the turkey Matt Henderson stated the turkey had been a family pet and Henderson’s wife was heartbroken when they discovered what happened. Henderson asked why he tortured and killed a defenseless animal and worries that this terrible deed might be a terrible foreshadowing  to abusing a girlfriend or a wife.

The graphic video showed Browne beating the turkey with the ax handle at least 18 times. Another voice could be heard, “Hit it Drew!” Karissa Piszczek faces charges of recording the incident and is scheduled to appear in court next week.

Browne was sentenced to 60 days in jail, two years of probation and 120 hours of a mandatory community service at an area animal shelter.

If you see animal cruelty, report it. Don’t let punks like this get away with horrible animal abuse.

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(Photo of teen cried via freezeshot from video)

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Prison time ordered for woman who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty -read more here.

17 replies
    • Shelly Berchem says:

      I AGRRE 100%… The teen cried when he found out he was going to jail… How the hell does he think that INNOCENT PRECIOUS PET TURKEY FELT WHEN HE BEAT IT TOO DEATH!!!
      The parents today NEED to STEP UP to the plate and realize that young kids, teenagers, any kid doing this BRUTAL INHUMANE BEHAVIOR has real MENAT HEALTH issues with being DISCONNECTED EMOTIONALLY… Makes me sick to know their are kids, and adults behaving this way in society. I cannot stand the behavior of our society today posting and getting thrills out INSANE INHUMANE ACTS OF CRUELTY. The only good that comes from it is locating these barbaric bastards and punishing them to the fullest extent of the law. I wish the ‘ELECTED” Judge had given this little inhumane bastard more time in jail. I would be ASHAMED to have this kid in my life if I were his parent’s.

  1. Marni M says:

    I hope that when he has to do his time serving in an animal shelter, that he remembers that turkey and the incredible pain he went through and that his heart breaks

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Cried? Why because he was caught? I agree with Matt Henderson, this is the foreshadowing of a girlfriend/wife abuser we will most likely see his name again. Drew Browne and his cohort Karissa Piszczek deserve much more than it seems they will get!

  3. Melissa Gurley says:

    Don’t feel sorry for him he needed alot more time in jail than he got that was someone’s pet he should of thought about that and less about showing off

  4. Darla says:

    I hope to hell he gets his ass beat or screwed in jail, see how he likes to be tortured for fun. He’ll escalate to bigger animals, young kids and worse, put an end to him now to save innocent lives later.

  5. Renee Hooks says:

    Boo hoo…cry me a river. You should have gotten more time but I guess you got a “pussy” judge unable to see what you’re capable of doing. Hope that is the longest 60 days of your pathetic life.

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    BBUZZARD VOMIT!!! Hopefully the little Bitch yelling for him to hit the turkey harder gets at least the SAME TIME!!! They both deserve being TARRED and FEATHERED with the VERY FEATHERS OFF that POOR TURKEY!!!

  7. maxiemom says:

    When are they going to understand that this is not an acceptable punishment or way to deal with this scum?
    Instead, he should have been put behind bars for a hell of a lot longer than 60 days, which is a JOKE. The punishment should fit the crime and the VICIOUSNESS AND VIOLENCE of the crime! It doesn’t. Someone that violent shouldn’t even be allowed to walk into an animal shelter, let alone have those vulnerable souls at his mercy. It’s like sentencing a rapist community service in an abused women’s shelter. Would a judge do that? If he did, there would be a huge public outcry and people would understand what a feeble minded jackass he is. Why don’t they understand how inappropriate it is for animal abusers to work in animal shelters? It should be common sense!

    He should have gotten more jail time, period. What good is changing the laws in the state if judges STILL won’t sentence vermin accordingly?

  8. Daniel Clarkson says:

    Hopefully he’ll get a real taste of justice in jail, by beaten with whatever happens to be handy in the same way that he attacked the turkey. What a POS.

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    Boohoo, Drew Browne – my heart breaks for your punk ass – you tortured an animal and thought it was funny, well you slithering little maggot, I hope you get exactly what you deserve in jail for the lousy six months sentence some brain dead judge gave you – may for six months you are intimidated, beaten, robbed, and abused in every way possible. May some predatory inmate make you his girlfriend and pass your ass around to everyone. You deserve all the cruelty you dealt to an innocent animal.

  10. Shelly Berchem says:

    I hope the parents read the comments regarding the BARBARIC BRUTAL BEHAVIOR of their teenagers they raised. Please parents realize that your kids are DISCONNECTED EMOTIONALLY and get them some MENATL HEALTH HELP NOW, before they end up beating to death another innocent precious pet or a child later in life!

  11. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Poor baby. Don’t feel sorry for him at all. He never showed that poor turkey any sympathy. He should have gotten a lot more time than what he got. He got off lucky the little chicken shit bastard.

  12. Red says:

    Ohhh waaaaaaaa the poor little monster cried at sentencing???? No sympathy here….. I wish they would throw him in a deep, dark, hole and cover it up!


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