Service dog gives birth to eight puppies in Tampa Airport

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At the Tampa Airport in Florida, there was a special delivery on Friday when a service dog went into labor. The Labrador retriever, named Ellie, had been on the concourse heading to catch a flight to Philadelphia when she went into labor.

Ellie, short for Eleanor Rigby, welcomed seven boys and one little girl. Along side of Ellie stood the proud dad – Nugget who is also a service dog. The puppies were delivered by Tampa Fire Rescue, who told the entire story of the new family on their Twitter account.

“Tampa paramedics do it all! [Paramedic Larry Glanton and Lt. Natalie Brown teamed up to deliver the 8 puppies @FlyTPA#AirportPuppies,” the organization posted Friday afternoon.

A video taken by the Tampa Fire Rescue shows Ellie already nursing her puppies while her owner sits reassuringly by the new mom’s side. The family will be driving home to Philadelphia – the trip estimated to be about 1,000 miles. Puppies, under six months of age are not allowed to fly.

Congratulations Ellie and Nugget.

(Birth of eight puppies and video via Tampa Fire Rescue Twitter)

To start your day off with a smile, check out the video:

6 replies
  1. SueBiss says:

    Nice to see a story on this site with a happy ending. Nice way to start off the holiday weekend before all the idiots come out and leave their dogs in a hot car to die.


      SueB, I agree with you. I can’t believe how some so called adults can be soooo stupid? I would like to put them in a car and leave them, see how they feel, the idiots.

  2. Carrie says:

    Shame!! All true service dogs are spayed& neutered—their work is essential so can’t take maternity leave. Obviously these people are declaring their 2 large pets as service animals just to get travel privileges—probably bumping true service dogs and their handlers and giving service dogs generally a bad name. PLUS, they knowingly endangered the health of the mother by taking her through the stress of air travel knowing she was due to give birth. Shame! Shame! Shame!!


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