Someone wrote free on abandoned dog

Someone used permanent marker to write ‘free’ on abandoned dog

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Someone callously abandoned a dog in Ohio, and wrote “free” in permanent black marker on the pup’s body. The cruel nature of the abandonment has left dog lovers shaken and outraged.

abandoned dog

The abandoned dog’s story

Facebook user Brittany May expressed disgust over the dog’s abandonment in a post on Thursday:

So I usually try to contain my self with my work life and with what I see every single day, but this just tops it off! How are you going to dump your dog, and write FREE all over it in permanent marker! I just don’t get it! Anybody know this dog? Found dumped at the armory down in the park!
This is a whole new level of LOW!

Hope for this dog’s future

Suffice to say, this situation has angered most everyone. May’s Facebook post has been shared thousands of times and there are countless comments of disgust and dismay. But there is a silver lining – the viral nature of the post has resulted in a great deal of attention for the abandoned dog, who has been named Marvella.

May wrote:

Marvella is doing great and got lots of lovins today and has had a bath and most of the sharpie is now off. She hung out in the office all day and is super sweet We will be vaccinating her, and begin to screen adoption applications for her! She will be available for adoption on Wednesday morning 🙂
If anyone following this post is interested in adopting her, please fill out our online application so we can find her the perfect fit!

Marvella is currently at the Ross County Humane Society – click here to access the Facebook page.

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12 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    AS WRONG AS THE FREE MSG. WE all have to be thankful that this little girl was not tortured, maimed, raped, or starved, a brick tied to her neck and placed in a body of water, run over with a vehicle !!! This way she will at the very least get a home she DESERVES and her shots, medical check up too… This to me is a CLOUD with a SILVER LINING!!! Thank you those of you in Ohio … who does have a positive +++ for a change… at least the Religious Sect puppy mill people didn’t run on to her and make her a caged, starved breeder!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Disgusting person who probably thought what he did would catch attention and it did, but not the way he may have intended. Did the owner care about the dog we may never know but what we do know is Marvella will have a new family soon who will care for her forever. That is the important thing.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another freaking hunk of human trash that seem has the humanity of a doorknob. Whoever this skank is I truly hope their life is full of suffering and it ends in a bloody fatal encounter with an 18 wheeler on a freeway. May their useless self be splattered all over the road and no one cares. Marvella deserves a safe loving home and will hopefully get one. May her story bring forth a family that will love and care for her.



  5. julie cranford says:

    No empathy for this man!! It makes me sick that someone thinks they are better than this dog, only trash would write this on this beautiful baby.

  6. Chris says:

    It’s May 26th, 2018….does anyone know if this baby is available???? And we’re in New Mexico with plenty of room for her!!! We even have dog that looks like her!!!!

  7. Jan Barnes says:

    I an hoping there is a way for us to help Chris adopt this precious little dog.
    Thank you for your help.

  8. Jan Barnes says:

    Is there a way for us to help Chris adopt this precious little dog?
    Thank you for providing follow-up info.


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