San Francisco man sought after he slammed puppy to ground

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The San Francisco police are warning the public about a man wanted in a domestic violence, kidnapping and felony animal cruelty case alleging he slammed a four-month-old puppy to the ground; so hard the dog died just hours later. The suspect has been identified as Delos Pierre Gallon.

According to AbcNews, the disturbing incident occurred on Saturday night in a store on Turk Street where a couple had been engaged in a loud argument. By the time police arrived the suspect and female victim had disappeared, but witnesses stated the suspect had thrown canned food at the woman. Next he grabbed the victim’s four-month-old cocker spaniel from her arms and “forcefully slammed the puppy on the floor of the store.”

Officers located the victim and her puppy named “Prince” who died at San Francisco Animal Care and Control.

Gallon has a prior arrest for the possession of firearms violations and is considered dangerous. Anyone recognizing the suspect is urged to call 911 with his location and description. Anyone with information can contact sFPD at 415.575.4444 or Test a Tipe to TIP411 and begin the text with SFPD.

(Photo of man suspected to have slammed puppy to the ground via SFPD Twitter)

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  1. Damn it – that is not a man. A REAL man does not do things like that. That is a savage, rabid, maggot POS. I’d pay to slam that maggots head to the ground!!!!!

  2. Oh wait – all the CA anti gun people out there – that maggot had gun violations????? Well shit – I thought CA had STRICT gun laws??? Then please explain to me how that maggot got a gun!!!!!

  3. Death penalty for all these scum who kill a dog or any other animal. They should not be allowed to live. They kill another living creature, same thing should happen to him. Look at that soul less face. No heart, no brain, no nothing. End his life now for he will do this again to another animal or person.

  4. Find the coward bastard and hang him.. Not before you slam his sorry ass to the ground. A person that can’t control his temper that kills a innocent dog/ child should be removed from the streets, he’s very dangerous. Shameful disgusting punk!
    RIP little puppy, you didn’t deserve your sweet life cut short because of this sociopath, fly free angel????❤️????????????

  5. That POS needs someone to pick his a$$ up and slam him to floor repeatedly! That liitle puupy didn’t deserve to die at this maggot’s hands! Throw him in jail with Bubba and let him rot there!


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