Another majestic creature killed because of humans

Another majestic creature has been killed thanks to humans…as reported by KOMO News, a young gray whale was discovered on shore in Long Beach, Washington, late last week. A necropsy was performed on the yearling whale’s body and it was determined that ropes from a crab pot were to blame for the young animal’s death.

The whale, believed to be just one year of age, was in good health aside from being entangled in the ropes – researchers discovered that the ropes had caused “significant” hemorrhaging on the whale’s body. Debbie Duffield, a professor of biology at Portland State University explained, “The whale was in good body condition. The entanglement appears to have caused its death.”

Humans continue to take a toll on whales

The impact of humans continues to take a toll on whales, and other creatures of the sea. Recently, a dead sperm whale was discovered in Spain. A necropsy revealed that the whale had a staggering amount of plastic in its stomach…64 pounds to be exact. The ingested plastic was determined to be the cause of the whale’s death. The heartbreaking discovery has prompted officials in Spain to push for its beaches to be cleaned up.

(Image via NOAA Fisheries)

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5 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Every one feels bad when things like this happen to whales, but not too many actually want to help take care of why these deaths occur. Man has caused so much deaths to animals because of their greed or careless way of making sure the sea is clean from all this garbage.

  2. Cherie LeBlanc says:

    These murderers crimes have to stop what did animals do to humans they’ve done nothing stop murdering them.

  3. vicki hood says:

    Sweden burns ALL its garbage. They turn it into energy. there is actual 1 or2% waste left. They even buy garbage to turn it to energy. Need more info as it is done in a healthy way. Why can’t we all do that?


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